eBook: Housing and Commuting: The Theory of Urban Residential Structure

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An e-book
by John Yinger

With contributions by: Seok Joon Choi, Sheldon Danziger, Phuong Nguyen-Hoang,
Jan Ondrich, Stephen Ross, Alex Stricker, and Bo Zhao

Version 2.1:  September 2015

Table of Contents

Part 1.  The Basic Urban Model

Chapter 1.1. – Introduction

Chapter 1.2. – Introduction to Urban Models

Chapter 1.3. – The Basic Urban Model

Additional Reading


Part 2.  The Urban Transportation System

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Part 3.  Sorting and Urban Labor Markets

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Part 4.  Racial and Ethnic Prejudice and Discrimination

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Part 5.  Urban Public Finance, Capitalization and Hedonics

Chapter 5.1. – Bidding and Sorting

Chapter 5.2. – Property Tax Capitalization

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