Teaching Cases

Teaching Cases

Anyone is welcome to download these teaching notes and use them for teaching purposes.

These notes were designed solely for teaching purposes and should not be quoted or used for any other purpose.

Comments on any of the cases would be welcome.


State and Local Public Finance

Local Expenditure

Local Spending and School Tax Relief

Contracting for Prisons

Lockup Quotas for Private Prisons

State Regulation of Local Property Tax Assessing


Local Revenue

The Homestead Option

The Homestead Option, Attachments

Revenue Options for Boston

Transit Pricing

A Commuter Tax for New York City


Fiscal Aspects of Economic Development

Tax Incentives for Economic Development

Zone-Based Tax Incentives and Local Economic Redevelopment (by Andrew Hanson)

Spending Incentives in New York’s School Tax Relief Program


Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations

Michigan School Finance Reform

Campaign for Fiscal Equity vs. New York


Urban Policy


Public Housing Reform

New York City’s Policies for the Homeless


Race and Ethnicity

Discrimination by Taxi Drivers in New York City

Promoting Integration


Welfare and Community Development

New York State Welfare Policy

Welfare Reauthorization

Community Economic Development


Urban Education

Saving New York City’s Schools


Crime Policy

Federal Crime Policy