J. Milton Yinger – Book Reviews by J. Milton Yinger

J. Milton Yinger

Book Reviews by J. Milton Yinger


Review of Fifty Years of the Southern Sociological Society by Ida Harper Simpson, with the assistance of Richard L. Simpson.
In Social Forces, December 1989, p. 641-643.

Review of The Illusion of Difference:  Realities of Ethnicity in Canada and the United States, by Jeffrey G. Reitz and Raymond Breton.
In Social Forces, March 1995, pp. 1182-1184.

Review of Sporting Gentlemen:  Men’s Tennis from the Age of Honor to the Cult of the Superstar by E. Digby Baltzell; History of Colored Baseball by Sol White and complied and introduced by Jerry Malloy; and Fleet Walker’s Divided Heart by David W. Zang.
In Contemporary Sociology, March 1996, p. 180.

Review of Crisis in Sociology:  The Need for Darwin by Joseph Lopreato and Timothy Crippen. In Contemporary Sociology, September 2000, p. 756-758.