J. Milton Yinger – Books

J. Milton Yinger – Books


Ethnicity:  Source of Strength?  Source of Conflict?, 1994

Racial and Cultural Minorities:  An Analysis of Prejudice and Discrimination, 5th Edition, 1985

Countercultures:  The Promise and Peril of a World Turned Upside Down, 1982

Major Social Issues:  A Multidisciplinary View, 1978

American Indians Today, 1978

Middle Start:  An Experimental Study of Educational Enrichment in Early Adolescence, 1977

The Scientific Study of Religion, 1970

Toward a Field Theory of Behavior, 1965

A Minority Group in American Society, 1965

Anti-Semitism:  A Case Study in Prejudice and Discrimination, 1964.  (Anti-Defamation Leagure of B’nai B’rith Freedom Books; excerpted from Racial and Cultural Minorities, 3rd Edition.)

Sociology Looks at Religion, 1963.  (Macmillan)
American Indians and American Life, 1957.  (Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Vol. 311)

Religion, Society, and the Individual, 1957.  (Macmillan.  Translated into Italian, 1961, French, 1964, Spanish, 1968.)

Religion in the Struggle for Power:  A Study in the Sociology of Religion, 1946.