PAI 735 / ECN 635 – Case Preference Form

The Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs

PAI 735 / ECN 635
 State and Local Government Finance
Professor Yinger


Case Preference Form

Every student must play a lead role in one case discussion. Please indicate your preferences for playing the lead role by ranking the cases in the class from 1 (= most preferred) to 5 (= least preferred).

Please download this form, fill it out, and e-mail it to the professor (or leave it with the receptionist at the Center for Policy Research) by January 22.


Student Name_________________________________________________________________


Case #1: Revising New York’s School Tax Relief Program  
Case #2: A Private Highway?  
Case #3: State Regulation of Local Property Tax Assessing  
Case #4: Should Cities Subsidize Firms?
Case #5: School Finance Reform in New York State