Recent Publications

Recent Publications

Recent Publications

Hedonic Equilibria in Housing Markets: The Case of One-to-One Matching. 2015. Journal of Housing Economics, 29 (September):1-11.

Hedonic Markets and Sorting Equilibria: Bid-Function Envelopes for Public Services and Neighborhood Amenities. 2015. Journal of Urban Economics 86 (March): 9-16.

“School District Responses To Matching Aid Programs For Capital Facilities: A Case Study of New York’s Building Aid Program” (with W. Wang and W. Duncombe).  2011.  National Tax Journal 64 (3) (September): 759-794. [Winner of the 2011 Richard Musgrave Prize for the most outstanding article published in the NTJ.]

“Making Do: State Constraints and Local Responses in California’s Education Finance System” (with W. Duncombe). 2011. International Tax and Public Finance 18 (3) (June): 337-368.

“The Capitalization of School Quality into House Values: A Review” (with P. Nguyen-Hoang). 2011. Journal of Housing Economics 20 (1) (March):  30-48.

“Are Education Cost Functions Ready for Prime Time?  An Examination of their Validity and Reliability” (with W. Duncombe). 2011. Peabody Journal of Education 86 (1): 28-57.

“Municipal Bond Ratings and Citizens’ Rights.” 2010. American Law and Economics Review 12 (1) (Spring): 1-38.

“The Impact of School District Consolidation on Housing Prices” (with Y. Hu). 2008. National Tax Journal 61 (4) (December): 609-634.

“Dollars without Sense:  The Mismatch between the No Child Left Behind Act Accountability System and Title I Funding” (with W. Duncombe and A. Lukemeyer). 2008. In Improving on No Child Left Behind:  Getting Education Reform Back on Track, edited by R. D. Kahlenberg (The Century Foundation): 19-102.

“The No Child Left Behind Act:  Have Federal Funds Been Left Behind?” (with W. Duncombe and A. Lukemeyer). 2008. Public Finance Review 36 (4) (July): 381-407.

“The Determinants of Teacher Attrition in Upstate New York” (with J. Ondrich and E. Pas).  2008. Public Finance Review 36 (1) (January):112-144.

“Measurement of Cost Differentials” (with W. Duncombe). 2007. In Handbook of Education Finance and Policy, edited by E. Fiske and H.F. Ladd (Laurence Erlbaum Publishers): 238-256.