ECN 741- Class Slides 2018

Class Slides for ECN 741 – Urban Economics (Fall 2018)  coming soon!

Basic Urban Model 1: Assumptions

Basic Urban Model 2: Solutions

Basic Urban Model 3: Comparative Statics

More General Treatment of Housing Demands

Estimating Housing Demands

The Urban Transportation System

Multiple Worksites and Full Labor Markets

Household Heterogeneity

Testing Urban Models

Neighborhood Amenities

Bidding and Sorting the Theory of Local Public Finance

Property Tax Capitalization

Hedonic Regressions

School Quality Capitalization

Housing Discrimination

Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Why Do Real Estate Agents Withhold Available Houses from Black Customers?

Homeownership Gaps Between Ethnic Groups

Residential Segregation Measurement, Causes, Consequences

Mortgage Markets and Predatory Lending

Mortgage Discrimination

Public Production Functions