Helping Children Left Behind: State Aid and the Pursuit of Educational Equity – Endorsements

Edited by John Yinger

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Book Cover: Helping Children Left BehindENDORSEMENTS

“Lawyers, policymakers, and anyone connected with school funding issues in the U.S. will find in this edited volume a wealth of information about school finance court cases, existing state aid programs, and, most important, state-of-the-art thinking by economists and policy analysts about how best to design those programs to promote student achievement and educational equity. Required reading on a topic of vital social importance.”
Helen F. Ladd, Edgar Thompson Professor of Public Policy Studies, Duke University

“Helping Children Left Behind” presents comprehensive and timely research on education finance policy in the United States. The case studies of five states that reformed their public school funding highlight the technical and policy issues that elected officials face as they redesign state aid systems. This book is essential for researchers and policymakers who strive to develop more equitable, adequate and efficient school finance systems.”
Margaret E. Goertz, University of Pennsylvania

“A stunning example of the very best in hard-hitting social science research. The volume provides scientifically rigorous answers to some of the most compelling and practical public policy questions of the day.”
David H. Monk, Dean, College of Education, Pennsylvania State University