The Color of Credit: Mortgage Discrimination, Research Methodology and Fair Lending Enforcement – Table of Content

by Stephen L. Ross and John Yinger

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Book Cover: The Color of Credit



Acknowledgments vii
1 Introduction 1
2 The Mortgage Market and the Definition of Mortgage Lending Discrimination 15
3 A Conceptual Framework for Mortgage Lending 49
4 The Literature on Mortgage Lending Discrimination up to and Including the Boston Fed Study 95
5 Evaluating Criticisms of the Boston Fed Study 107
6 Accounting for Variation in Underwriting Standards across Lenders 169
7 Other Dimensions of Discrimination: Pricing, Redlining,
and Cultural Affinity
8 Using Performance Data to Study Mortgage Discrimination: Evaluating the Default Approach 235
9 Lending Behavior, Loan Performance, and Disparate-Impact Discrimination 273
10 Implications for Fair-Lending Enforcement 313
A Technical Appendix 371
B Data Appendix 387
Notes 389
References 425
Name Index 443
Subject Index 449