eBook: Envelopes for Economists: Housing Hedonics and Other Applications

An e-Book Edited
by John Yinger

With contributions by: Il Hwan Chung, William D. Duncombe, Yue Hu,
Phuong Nguyen-Hoang, and Pengju Zhang

Version 1.0. April 2020

Table of Contents


Part 1. Introduction to Envelopes

Chapter 1. John Yinger, 2020. “Introduction to Envelope Mathematics and Its Applications in Economics.”

Chapter 2. John Yinger. 2020. “World Records.”

Chapter 3. John Yinger. 2020. “Long Run Average Cost Curves.”

Part 2. Introduction to Housing Hedonics

Chapter 4. John Yinger, 2018. “Bidding and Sorting,” In J. Yinger (ed.), Housing and Commuting: The Theory of Urban Residential Structure, pp. 361–384. World Scientific Publishing. Available at:

Chapter 5. John Yinger and Phuong Nguyen-Hoang. 2016. “Hedonic Vices: Fixing Inferences about Willingness to Pay in Recent House-Value Studies.” Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis 7 (2) (Summer): 248-291.

Chapter 6. Phuong Nguyen-Hoang and John Yinger. 2011. “The Capitalization of School Quality into House Values: A Review.” Journal of Housing Economics 20 (1) (March): 30-48.

Part 3. Formal Derivation of Bid Functions and Their Hedonic Envelope

Chapter 7. John Yinger. 2015. “Hedonic Markets and Sorting Equilibria: Bid-Function Envelope for Public Services and Neighborhood Amenities.” Journal of Urban Economics 86 (March): 9-25.

Chapter 8. John Yinger. 2016. “Hedonic Estimates of Neighborhood Ethnic Preferences.” Public Finance Review 44 (1): 22-51.

Chapter 9. John Yinger. 2015. “Hedonic Equilibria in Housing Markets: The Case of One-to-One Matching.” Journal of Housing Economics 29 (September): 1-11.

Part 4. Housing Hedonics for Access to Jobs

Chapter 10. John Yinger. 2020. “The Price of Access to Jobs: Bid-Function Envelopes for Commuting Costs.” Working Paper, Syracuse University, March 2020.

Part 5. The Impact on Housing Prices of Governmental Re-organization and Reform

Chapter 11. Il Hwan Chung, William D. Duncombe, and John Yinger. 2018. “The Impact of State Aid Reform on Property Values: A Case Study of Maryland’s Bridge to Excellence in Public Schools Act.” Education Finance and Policy 13 (3) (Summer): 369-394.

Chapter 12. William D. Duncombe, John Yinger, and Pengju Zhang. 2016. “How Does School District Consolidation Affect Property Values: A Case Study of New York.” Public Finance Review 44 (1): 52-79.

Chapter 13. Yue Hu and John Yinger. 2008. “The Impact of School District Consolidation on Housing Prices.” National Tax Journal 61 (4) (December): 609-633.

Note: Most chapters are available through a university library. A reader who cannot obtain one of these chapters should contact Professor Yinger.